You’re Grounded! (but in a good way) – Part 2

Barefooting and earthing

You’re Grounded! (but in a good way) – Part 1 discussed centering and grounding. Grounding, though, also has a more literal interpretation. It can refer to the physical connection between your bioelectrical body and the earth’s surface. Barefooting and earthing are two more ways to become grounded.


Eastern philosophies are centered around a vital energy – the life force – called qi (or chi) or prana that exists in all things. Practices like yoga, t’ai chi and qigong, as well as many martial arts, advocate practicing barefoot and preferably outside on the ground, directly connecting us with earth qi. This connection allows us to “grow roots” into the earth giving us energy and stability. We attune to the fundamental rhythms of nature.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys store the essence of a person. There is a point on the bottom of the foot called the yong quan point or “bubbling spring.” This point is called Kidney 1 (KD1) in acupuncture and reflexology. KD1 is the first point on the energy meridian associated with the kidneys. Working on KD1 produces calm and relaxation. It is also used to address headaches and gastrointestinal issues by drawing excess energy down from the upper body and grounding it. Walking barefoot stimulates the many nerve endings on the soles of the feet. It also works KD1.

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